Opening of the 8th China-ASEAN (Liuzhou) Automotive Industry Exposition

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       As a grand annual event of the automobile industry in southwest China, the 8th China-ASEAN (Liuzhou) Automotive Industry Exposition (hereinafter referred to as ASEAN Liuzhou Automotive Expo) was kicked off at Liuzhou International Exhibition Center on September 11th, 2018. Mr. Wu Wei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Liuzhou Municipality, delivered the opening speech. Mr. Zheng Junkang, Secretary of the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the Municipality, announced the opening of the exhibition. Mr. Lu Yizhou, Deputy General Manager of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. attended the event and accompanied the government officials of Liuzhou Municipality as well as the political and business representatives from Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines on a tour of the pavilions.


       After seven years of development and with the theme of “Industrial Cooperation for Mutual Benefit“, ASEAN Liuzhou Automotive Expo had become one of the representative exhibitions in southwest China and a key indication of the automobile market in Liuzhou. The event also serves as a window and platform to showcase automobile brands in Liuzhou and demonstrate the bilateral exchange of Liuzhou and China with ASEAN countries.

       As the only platform to purchade cars in Liuzhou in the second half of the year, the expo had attracted hundreds of models from nearly one hundred brands, including luxury, imported, joint venture, and domestic brands for SUVs, family sedans, high-end RVs and tuners etc. With the development of Liuzhou, major automobile brands happen to agree that ASEAN Liuzhou Automotive Expo is an important platform for them to release new car models, promote new technologies, improve brand image and enhance industrial exchanges. Several new products had debuted during the expo, including the new BMW 5 series, Audi RS4 Avant and MG HS etc.


       The recent expo had invited several top RV brands in China, including Jun’an RV, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, Cadillac, Volkswagen, imported MPVs, Motorhomes, Towable RVs and special vehicles. The mainstream tuners brands in China had also been invited to the event. Many brands and models had made their debut in Liuzhou. The stylish exterior appearance, advanced technology and superb internal space had delivered an unparalleled experience to visitors, creating a new concept of recreational consumption of automobiles.

       The policies of Liuzhou Municipal Government aim to promote the development of new energy and smart car industry for the construction of a new development system of emerging industries with strategic importance. In response to such objectives, the area of the recent ASEAN Liuzhou Automotive Expo had been further expanded to showcase the outstanding achievements of new energy and smart car developments and to provide consumers with a greater range of options.

       The recent expo was jointly hosted by China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd, China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi International Expositions Bureau and Liuzhou Municipal Government, and was organized by China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd.